TechnologiesWeb Programming

  • ASP.NET: MVC, WebForms, Web.Api, REST
  • Azure: Apps, SQL Database, Virtual Machines
  • SQL Server 2000 – 2016, SSRS, SSIS, Stored Procedures
  • JavaScript, Aurelia, Angular, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS
  • MS.Net: C#, VB.NET, Dapper, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, LINQ
  • MS Access 2.0 – 2016
  • MS Office Automation: Excel, Outlook, Word

Data Driven WebsitesWeb Application Development

I have over 12 years experience building secure and interactive websites.  I work with clients to translate complicated processes into straight-forward, intuitive applications.

The aim is to allow users to get their work done efficiently; through a seamless experience that flows easily.

Design and Consulting

I’m available to consult on new software development, troubleshooting, upgrading, data analysis, data integration
as well as strategic technology purchasing decisions.

I can lead or help with any part of the software design and construction process:

  • design meetings
  • system architecture
  • functional specifications
  • mockups and prototypes
  • development and production infrastructure
  • project management


Reporting SystemsReporting Systems

I can help you to consolidate data from multiple sources into a unified set of reports with:

  • flexible criteria
  • meaningful summary information
  • expandable detail views
  • automated data preparation

My background in economic modeling and statistics informs my approach to data analysis.
We start from the real world context of your business and end with reports that are reliable, meaningful and insightful.


Custom Software

Custom Software Programming Custom Web Development

Custom software can be time consuming and expensive.  Fortunately, over the last decade many complex processes have been standardized.  Features that once took weeks to design and build can now be obtained inexpensively, often-times for free.

I work with clients to find the right balance between prebuilt and custom software.  Our goal is to leverage cost-effective prebuilt components while identifying where customization will provide the most value.  Most often this means writing custom code to address the truly unique aspects of a clients business and integrating prebuilt and custom functionality into a single system.



Microsoft Access DatabasesMicrosoft Access and SQL Server Development

I’ve worked with Access since version 2.0 and have created many full featured applications, ranging from clinical study management to financial tracking to managing statewide cookie sales for the Ggirl Scouts.  I still consider Access the most productive application environment I’ve worked with.

However,  Access does not fit well within today’s web based infrastructure and it plays a less central role in most organizations that it used to.

Today my work with Access involves:

  • upgrading Access applications to web based systems
  • mixed web and Access systems
  • building functional prototypes for larger systems
  • data intensive applications for small groups (typically 20 or fewer users)